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Intense concert period culminated at Nasjonal Jazzscene

Three weeks concert maraton finished with a great concert at Nasjonal Jazzscene, featuring 13 year old piano player Rhona Ustunel from London  (Article in Norwegian)


Finally after almost two years, we are able to present 13 year old Rhona Ustunel from London.  (Article in Norwegian)

Visit from Denmark

On the video above you can see a report from our tour in Faroe islands with Amalie the last week of January 2020, right before everything closed down

This week we are having a visit from the talented Danish piano player Amalie Bendixen.  (Article in Norwegian)

Jazz kids goes to church

Some of our most experienced students will be featured when we present an avant garde jazz consert in Sofienberg church on 24. October.  (Article in Norwegian)

Love Songs for Afghanistan

On 17. oktober we were invited to join the wonderful project "Love Songs for Afghanistan" at the Norwegian Music Academy. You can see the beautiful concert in the video on the right (our contribution starts around 18:05).  (Article in Norwegian)

Premiere with guests from Faroe islands

On 17. October we opened the autumn season for the series "Jazzbarna inntar Sentralen".  (Article in Norwegian)

Party at Nasjonal Jazzscene

On 16. October we started a three weeks intense concert period.  (Article in Norwegian)

New contacts in Italy

1-11. October we could finally reunite with our dear contacts in Italy, AND meet many new ones.  (Article in Norwegian)

Barnas Jazzscene is back!

Already on 4. September we were ready to start the autumn season at Nasjonal Jazzscene. (Article in Norwegian)

Youth project

We have established a project for youth that are on their way into music education  (Article in Norwegian)

Emergency jazz

During the lockdown we have found new ways of playing together  (Article in Norwegian)

improbasenOnline @rodelokkaOslo

Maria checks out a solo by Elvin Jones during an online lesson in March 2020.

Faroe Islands tour

Video report from our Faroe Islands tour the last week of January 2020.

improbasenOnline @rodelokkaOslo

14 year old Maria checks out an Elvin Jones solo during the lockdown in March.

Three young girls filled up one of Sentralen's main venues. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

Autumn season premiere

Highly focused kids on stage for the autumn season's first concert in the "Barnas Jazzscene" series. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

The nursery home "Paulus" has the neighbourhoods coolest spot. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

New season

We always take a break after the Kids in Jazz festival, but this week we couldn't wait any more. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

Una warming up

13 year old Una warming up for the new season with Ornette Coleman's Jayne.

1,2 million grant from Sparebank stiftelsen

Improbasen is a learning center in Oslo, where children can learn about jazz and improvised music. We operate all around the world, you can visit us, and we can visit you. We engage deeply in developing networks for musicians, educators and all good people dedicated this this field.

The grand final was exactly that. See photo presentation (some text in Norwegian)

improbasenOnline @santacruzBolivia

12 year old Gabriela Rengifo during online lesson from Bolivia.

Esbjerg in southern Denmark first stop after Faroe Islands. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

With approved infection test we were fianlly ready to meet new talents in Faroe Islands. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

Finally the kids could perform for a live audience again. See photo presentation (some text in Norwegian)

On May 31st we are ready for the first concert after lockdown. Article in Norwegian

When we realised we had to move all activities online we expected the first calm period since our project was established. We were SO wrong! Article in Norwegian

From March 12th we move all our activities online. Article in Norwegian

A very strong and VERY young Nordic group was presented at Sentralen on March 8th. See photo presentation (some text in Norwegian)

This week we teach kids in London. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

February 13-14th we had a didactic lab for Master students at the Academy in Oslo. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

New success in the series "Jazzbarna inntar Sentralen February 9th. See photo presentation (some text in Norwegian)

On February 8th we performed againat the exciting Crossover Festival in Moss, south east Norway. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

January 27th to February 2nd 2020 Listaleypurin engaged us for a fantastic adventure in Faroe Islands. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

Januar 20-23rd we had another great workshop in Reykjavik. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

Audiences very excited when we opened the series "Jazzbarna inntar Sentralen" on January 19th. See more photos (Article in Norwegian)

On January 16th we had another GREAT workshop with the celebrated Italian bass player Federica Michisanti. See more photos (Article in Norwegain)